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Contus Offers Discount for Extensions and Templates of Popular CMS –

December 26th, 2011 Sherin No comments

Needless to say, this is the time of celebration !!  Christmas is knocking at the door and the entire globe comes together to render gifts and accept gifts. To spread the happiness and share the joy, we’ve come up with sizzling discount for all of Apptha’s products. Now you can enjoy 10% discount on all of Apptha’s extensions and themes. In-short, this is the best time to upgrade your website with quality extensions and plugins by saving a good amount of dollars for your celebration.

Let me give a quick run through over few of the most lauded extensions by the users for its efficiency.

One Step Checkout: - Best solution to overcome the shopping cart abandon rate. The one step checkout is a premium magento extension for your online store which helps the consumers to complete the checkout process in single step. Consumers will no more experience a complicated checkout process which frustrates the customers by repeated steps, thus eventually encouraging them to leave the shopping cart. The one step checkout extension is easy to install and configure and lets you to enable an easy checkout process in few minutes.

HDFLV Player: – One of the popular Flv player with amazing audio and video quality. The player plugin is available for all popular CMs such as Joomla/Wordpress/Magento etc. The flash video player has amazing features such as live streaming support, Book marking, Monetization with preroll, post roll ads, auto playlist option, native language support etc.

HD VideoShare: – This is a wonderful Joomla component which is suitable to set up an online video sharing service such as the YouTube, DailyMotion etc. The component comes with an in-built HDFLV Player and six free modules such as the Recent Videos, Featured Videos, Popular Videos, Related Videos etc. The component provides an easy interface for the module setting thus making the module management simple in the back-end.

Task Rabbit Clone: - Online task posting websites which allows to post task to get the job done for payable amount is new to the online industry. This ready to use Joomla script is a super cool solution if you are looking to set up an online service portal like the task rabbit. The script includes all utile features such as easy interface for the users to task post, view reviews and notification about the rabbits, allow any to enroll as a rabbit and most importantly the website administrator empowered with complete control over the task posters, users and the entire website. Please check the link for more information.

Magento Facebook App: – A wondrous extension to bring the entire Magento store to facebook. The magento facebook app allows every Magento store owners to conduct commerce from the facebook. The extension allows the consumers to shop by staying in facebook by integrating the store with facebook. Any purchase via the facebook store will show a status update on the user’s wall about the purchase, thus promoting the product to the large network base effectively.

The list is endless and become nonviable for me to pen down the whole set of extensions and templates. If you would like to know more on the Apptha products, Click here .

Grab the incredible deals as they are a limited period offer. Yes, you heard it right!! The discount offer ends on the first week of January 2012. Better don’t delay!!

Wishing All Merry Christmas & Happy New Year’s Day!!

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Release Contus Video comments for Joomla & Wordpress

April 24th, 2010 admin No comments

This week, we released “Contus Video Comments” plugins for both Joomla and Wordpress.  When this plugin is installed, users can post video comments along with their existing commenting system.  When “Video Comments” is activated on the website, you will be able to see a button to appear as “add video comments.”  Just by clicking the button, the user can start recording immediately, and post the video comment which will get reflected in the website.

In wordpress, “Contus Video Comments” works with the default commenting system.  However in Joomla, it requires JomComments to be preinstalled in the website for Contus Video Comments to work.

The link to know more about Contus Video Comments for Joomla is

The link to know more about Contus Video Comments for Wordpress is

Technically, this product is advanced when compared to other recorders that are available in the market with superior quality.

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Most Advanced Web FLV Video Recorder

March 1st, 2010 admin No comments

A recorder which has been developed to give highest quality with easy usability.  No more worries about grainy videos, record your videos with sharp quality and sound clarity just with the click of a mouse.  The settings can be easily set according to your choice and start shooting without hassles or hurdles.  This web FLV video recorder is set to become the best FLV video recorder based on the niche features and first class quality.  The support team will continuously enhance this video recorder with additional features.

Following are some of the usage of the Web FLV Video Recorder,

-> Capture images with high quality.
-> Using our Web Video Recorder, you can publish online videos.
-> You can hold video tutorials with our video recorder.
-> Post video comments.
-> Integrate webcam into any website.
-> You can give video testimonials.

Also, in the near future, our development team has plans to integrate Email option in Web FLV video recorder so that we can send “video mails.”  The pricing is minimal when compared to the high quality and clarity.

Thus, web video recorders can now get a video recorder that has the latest technology with high standard of quality available in the market at competitive pricing with excellent customer support.  This release comes next to HD FLV Player, which is now the #1 FLV player among internet users.

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