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March 1st, 2010 admin

A recorder which has been developed to give highest quality with easy usability.  No more worries about grainy videos, record your videos with sharp quality and sound clarity just with the click of a mouse.  The settings can be easily set according to your choice and start shooting without hassles or hurdles.  This web FLV video recorder is set to become the best FLV video recorder based on the niche features and first class quality.  The support team will continuously enhance this video recorder with additional features.

Following are some of the usage of the Web FLV Video Recorder,

-> Capture images with high quality.
-> Using our Web Video Recorder, you can publish online videos.
-> You can hold video tutorials with our video recorder.
-> Post video comments.
-> Integrate webcam into any website.
-> You can give video testimonials.

Also, in the near future, our development team has plans to integrate Email option in Web FLV video recorder so that we can send “video mails.”  The pricing is minimal when compared to the high quality and clarity.

Thus, web video recorders can now get a video recorder that has the latest technology with high standard of quality available in the market at competitive pricing with excellent customer support.  This release comes next to HD FLV Player, which is now the #1 FLV player among internet users.

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